After almost 25 years of serving up some mighty fine food, it is time for Meal Ticket to retire.  We want you all to know that we truly appreciate your custom over all these years which has allowed us to succeed in what has become a very difficult environment for small, independent restaurants in Berkeley.  And we appreciate your acceptance of all our our quirks which made us the Meal Ticket. We will always remember all of our great customers with tremendous fondness.


It is with some sadness but also excitement as to our next chapter that we now leave the Meal Ticket to be remembered as that "weird place on San Pablo Avenue with the irascible Scottish chef and grumpy, brash New Yorker in the front of the house where the food was really tasty and affordable."


But good things rise from sad things because another small, family fun, independent restaurant will be taking over our space, KC's BBQ.  And in addition to dishing up some great old family style recipes, they will continue to provide much needed character in our increasingly soulless world.  We wish them all the luck in the Meal Ticket space and introduce them to you as great stewards to carry on the Meal Ticket tradition - home style food served honestly with love and passion.









Hope to see you all out in the world where we will now be found wandering around aimlessly looking for someplace to eat....


Words cannot say thank you enough for supporting our business all these years.



Jimmy & Carolyn Carter


P.S. We are closed for spring cleaning now, but check KC's website - - for news on the re-opening....





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