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And for a sampling of the critics’ views on the Meal Ticket:


“Bargain Bites,” San Francisco Chronicle. Meal Ticket was featured in the October 13-19, 2002; September 23, 2003; September 19, 2004; September 18, 2005; and September 16, 2007 editions.


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“Tastiest Place to Be Yelled At By a Scottish Chef – Meal Ticket” East Bay Express April 6, 2005.


“Comfort Meals, Low Prices – Now That’s The Ticket,” Patti Dacey, Berkeley Daily Planet, April 11-14, 2003.


“Former Olympian Responds to Call Of Kitchen,” Marc Albert, Oakland Tribune, November 17, 2002.


“The 125 Best Things to Eat – #28 Cornmeal Pancakes – Meal Ticket,” Annual Food Issue, San Francisco Magazine, August 2002.


“Patience Has Its Rewards at Berkeley’s Meal Ticket,” Kim Severson, San Francisco Chronicle, April 19, 2002.


“Ticket to Breakfast Heaven,” Jonathan Kauffman, East Bay Express, April 17-23, 2002.



Meal Ticket was featured on the following television shows:


Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Food Network, Meal Ticket – ”Sweet and Savory,” First Aired November 26, 2010.


“Eye on the Bay – Meal Ticket,” First Aired April 10, 2006.

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